Well, I’ve moved blogs!

So, the Wix work blog isn’t very helpful. No one can leave comments which doesn’t really assist either the readers or myself! So, I’m here.

it’s a bit irritating to move but at least there’s other blogging platforms and I forgot I had started this blog so it’s helpful right now. Mind you, I find this harder to work but maybe I’ll get the hang of it! I hope so!

I would really like to put up (edited, I think I’ve done it?)

still, this is a work in progress like I am!

26 thoughts on “Well, I’ve moved blogs!”

  1. I have a blog over on Blogger as well. I find it easier to post there. I’m not too fond of the Word Press editor. I liked it better in classic mode, but that option isn’t available anymore. But yay for being able to post!! WOOHOO!!

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