Do you ever…

Get a day when you just cannot settle? I’ve had one of those days today! I just cannot get stuck into anything, and then thinking what to blog about! hahaha! you have to be kidding! Sometimes, you have to admit you cannot think of something to write.

I think the thing is , I have been reading some amazing blogs and I am comparing myself to them. Yes comparison is the thief of joy, this I know but still!!!

Some have taken me right back to the start of my spiritual journey, others have connected me to the a part of myself that I keep pretty much hidden. All are great blogs, and its just a joy to read them, whatever they make me feel.

So, are blogs here to make you “feel” ? well, I think so, I think anything that elicits an emotional response is a good thing – like art, or music.

But back to my Blog Block… Perhaps we expect too much of ourselves? Do you find it difficult? I am interested to know ๐Ÿ™‚

Todayโ€™s picture- I drew her a little while ago.

3 thoughts on “Do you ever…”

  1. Oh yes, I frequently have days like that. After a year of hubby WFH he can tell easily when those days are too. I feel it’s hormonal as situational for me. And I agree there are SO many wonderful blogs to read now. I’ve been spending a lot of time just reading.

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