7 days of blogging

So, how do I feel after blogging for 7 days straight on the blog along with www.effywild.com ?

I actually can’t believe I’ve managed every day so far! I’m very glad I started this and it’s very fulfilling.

  • I’m enjoying the challenge
  • It’s fun
  • I have found blogs I otherwise wouldn’t have seen
  • It’s taken my mind off my worries and given me something else to concentrate on
  • It’s very relaxing to read other blogs – something I used to do a lot, but then I got out of the habit of both blogging and reading, I’m glad that’s changed now.

13 thoughts on “7 days of blogging”

  1. Its funny, I was considering a 7 day roundup too ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree, finding new things to read and new people to connect with has been amazing, equally seeing how other blogs are setup is helping me with my page (I can see I have an error in my page by looking at your “blogs i follow” but I don’t know how to fix it and my IT manager has gone to work today!) Its been lovely to connect up with you

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    1. Hi Donna! Itโ€™s been great to connect with you too, and the other members of the blog along! Iโ€™ll be interested in your round up! Iโ€™m not much good at working stuff out, I just press buttons and pray lol!


    2. I thought Iโ€™d replied to this, but I canโ€™t see it, shows Iโ€™m not the IT person to know, lol! Itโ€™s really fun (the blog along) isnโ€™t it! Itโ€™s been great to connect with you too!


  2. I can’t believe I am still blogging along as well. So hard for me to stick to any kind of routine, but I love the different view points, the different takes on life, the sharing of lives and laughter and tears. I am hooked and get my daily reading from all the beautiful blogs.

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  3. Well done on your 7 days straight! I was thinking of doing a round up too … half way point maybe? And maybe think about my prompts going forward. I have been enjoying my trips down memory lane!

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