Day 8: Art journaling

Sometimes art journaling has to be done with a degree of secrecy. This is because you probably don’t want everyone to read all your words. When I was 14 my mum read my diary, not that it was scintillating reading or anything, but I wasn’t impressed and to this day my journaling is sort of hidden as in this picture.

I wrote and painted over what I had written, though probably it’s still legible, and in this instance I don’t mind because it’s positive and true.

How do you do the words in your journal? Do you do what I do? Do you do everything in pictures? I’m interested to know 🙂

Layers of life 🙂

8 thoughts on “Day 8: Art journaling”

  1. If it’s personal, I usually put the text under the paint. If it’s not, I like to use gold paint pens and write poems in every-which-way on top as a layer.

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  2. I’ve never been much if a diary writer, I’ve always loved the idea just not able to commit. I starting to Art 2 years ago as a way of doing something other than being wife and stepmum. Over 2020 it became my solace, a necessity, my escape from everything going on around me, and I bought so many classes, many journal related so writing became a thing. I often don’t do it though as I don’t like to commit the words still. I have learnt I can write over the page over and over again, then cover it in paint, write the words on top of each other letter by letter, and if I want to show the words they are on top, sometimes as a found poem from book pages sometimes elaborate lettering.

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    1. I am glad you found art a solace. I do too. It’s kept me going for a few years now 🙂 I have never done a found poem, which I suppose if the page is chosen mindfully can say so much. It’s something I’ve never thought of, so thank you

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  3. My mother also read my diary! When I write in my art journals I use various methods depending on what is and what I’m saying and who is going to see it. I have journals that I don’t share so they have words that can still be read, but anything shared usually has some way of disguising what I’ve written depending on what it is, personal writings are hidden, quotes and other things that are not personal are done more decoratively as part of the art Elle xx

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    1. Oh crumbs! I thought I was alone with having your diary read, I’m stunned to find someone else with the same experience.Perhaps I heed two journals, a public one and private. Good idea to have decorative writing! Thanks for the tip!


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