Day 13 : Birdsong

Bird song really lifts me. To me it’s better than any man made music.

It has a pure, clear quality to it, and i find it emotionally uplifting and almost a healing for the soul.

Today, I’m sharing some birdsong that your hearts may be lifted also 🙂

Robin in full song

8 thoughts on “Day 13 : Birdsong”

  1. oh you should listen to Scala Radio (DAB) its labelled as “classical music for the modern listener” but at just before 7am they have birdsong on. I love that time! Also at around 11am (ish cant quite remember) they have the “joybringer” which is mostly birdsong, but other nature sounds – and sometimes someones husband snoring ha ha


  2. oh and a top tip – when you put links on your page, make them “open in a new tab” that means your page stays open even when the reader clicks a link, and you don’t loose them from your site 🙂

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