Day 16 – Letter to my teenage self

Dear Cheryl

You’re nicer and stronger than you realise. You can do more than you are told you can. You have the capacity for strength and greatness, you just have to believe in yourself.

Not everyone is on your side. Don’t worry about it, let them learn for themselves, that is their journey.

Sometimes you have to realise family members won’t ever change however many times you try to deal with them. Don’t listen to their negative talk, rise above it and you’ll do more than people think you can.

Lay off the chocolate. In later life you’ll wish you had!

Look after your teeth. Dye your hair whatever colour you like – it’s your life. If your family doesn’t like it, they don’t have to wear it 😀

You will be happy, you’ll go through sh*t, your body will change, your mind will change.

You can do this.❤️

Signed, your older self

4 thoughts on “Day 16 – Letter to my teenage self”

  1. Wonderful…I did this before and found it touching and emotional. It has got me thinking now about writing a letter to my future self at 60 (!)..omg not that far away. And then at 60 writing another one back to me now..hmm interesting!

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  2. I love letter’s to future and past selves. I think we end up a lot kinder and more encouraging and accepting of ourselves when we do that, than in our heads in the present.

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