Day 17 – This and That :)

Today is the first day since 23rd March 2020 that I’ll have been apart from my husband for longer than 2 hours, as he is helping out (socially distanced and safe) at a venue.

I’m excited but strangely nervous. I’ve not been on my own for an extended period of time for over a year. I have jobs to do, and I’m weirdly excited to do them !

I’m also going to do more diamond painting. I’m quite a way through the wolf.

Ethereal wolf so far….

I have even managed to find an app to keep track of all the bead drills and kits so I’ll be adding all the colours to the inventory today:)

I’m hoping it will be warmer than recently, as my husband is working outside. If it is, I’ll be drinking tea in the garden 🙂

I’m also planning to watch Prince Phillip’s Funeral. I do feel sorry for the Queen, she’s been married to him for so long, it must be terrible for her.

I’m also hoping to read a bit more of Big Magic. I was going to buy the audiobook, but it was £27:00 and there’s no way I can afford that!

What are your plans today?

My husband Reg a few years ago in Corfu.

14 thoughts on “Day 17 – This and That :)”

  1. I loved Big Magic.. such a wonderful book. Also, I love the wolf, I haven’t seen that type of crafting before! Enjoy your quiet time, I would go mad if I didn’t have some time to myself everyday!! 😉

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    1. Well, it’s is beginning to make me slightly loopy, as I do like to get alone time but haven’t properly had any for a year. Thanks re the wolf, and I’m enjoying the printed version of the book 🙂


  2. That must be very strange to be apart after spending so much time locked in. As for the audiobook dilemma, get a trial of audible, go via amazon and you often get two free books, then cancel your trial any time you want and you get to keep the books! 🙂 Or keep the membership and you get one book a month for £7.99 which is way cheaper than what they usually cost. There’s a 2 for 1 sale on at the moment too! (I don’t work for them , just love audiobooks lol) Elle

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  3. I dressed in costume and played harp at Greer Goes Global, our local international festival! Our non-profit was promoting a Renaissance Faire in September.

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  4. Ah yes the feeling of being alone, for the first time is so overwhelming. I was the same. Hubby is WFH permanently now since 23.3.20, and had been to the office 3 times. Each time I have blissfully blitzed the house and enjoyed the silence, whilst also missing him terribly.

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  5. I totally get where you’re at! We are in no hurry to get out properly, I’m actually scared of crowds now (crowd being 3 people or more lol) . It’s scarred us as a nation x


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