I’ve been shopping!

Ooooh I’ve been to the range!

So it’s a big thing for me, as they’ve revamped the store. There’s more room! We went early and it was empty, and I didn’t freak out!

I bought a bullet journal because I’ve got a big thing to do, and I’m getting into a muddle with it so I hope this helps.

New bullet journal
Pencil case contents that came with it!
Inside page 1
Page 2 – examples of things 🙂

Also, it was sunny. Cue smiley dog picture:

My fur baby

For those that need to know, the bullet journal was £5:00 – a total bargain!

Hope you’re all having a great day!

10 thoughts on “I’ve been shopping!”

  1. Ok, so now I know I can post comments (!), that is indeed a bargain! Gotta love The Range, they really do come up with some cracking stationery. I hope the bujo helps you organise the big project you mentioned. Lovely to see the smiling woofer too, such a cutie that one.

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  2. That’s it, you’ve convinced me, as soon as kids are at school tomorrow I’m off to the range. I miss that shop… I am sure it will annoy my daughter massively, just like my new haircut today did ha ha

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