Day 20 – flowers in the garden

Well, I’ve made it to day 20 of blogging every day throughout April.

It’s been really difficult to write something some days but I think that’s normal.

Today the sun came out again, and instead of cute dogs we have lovely flowers 🙂

The Bluebells are starting to bloom :


As are these lovely little purple flowers:

Purple lovelies

It’s great to see the bees on the blossom and the leaves growing. It’s the continuous cycle of life:)

12 thoughts on “Day 20 – flowers in the garden”

  1. I love bluebells, we have quite a few in our garden, and there are loads coming out this year. We have woods nearby that we walked through today and they are getting ready to do their annual showing.
    Those purple flowers are lovely, do you know what they are?
    And yay 20 days we’ve made it, just 10 more to go, and already I’m wondering how I will keep it going.

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  2. Bluebells are lovely aren’t they! I’m not sure how we will manage after the end of this challenge, I’ll probably blog twice a week as every day is a bit too much! I’ve no idea what those flowers are but they’re lovely aren’t they! 🙂 x


  3. So pretty. I have those tiny purple flowers growing in my yard too. Don’t know what they are but they make me smile when I go out to collect the mail.

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  4. The little flowers look a bit like violas? They do a good job of spreading seeds so they tend to pop up unexpectedly. And yay for 20 days already! Daily blogging definitely takes getting used to doesn’t it Elle xx

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  5. no worries Cheryl, I have them too, they just appear in such random places. Very pretty little flowers, I try to give them better places to grow instead of in the cracks between the paving lol. Elle xx

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  6. Such pretty pictures today! I agree that some days it’s harder to find something to write about. Life always has ebbs and flows.

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