Day 21- Did you know? …..

That 77% of people of internet users read blogs?

Or that 55% of people learn via blogs?

Well, they do! So this shows how important blogging can be. Probably for a company, it’s a useful tool (no I don’t really blog on my business site, I find Wix blog unhelpful) but this shows how powerful it can be.

The pen is mightier than the sword it says, and these statistics prove there may be truth in that.

So for us blog along people, weather in business or blogging for pleasure (which I’m doing and finding it really fun) we shouldn’t underestimate what we are doing.

**statitics from Optinmonster


25 thoughts on “Day 21- Did you know? …..”

  1. I have this on-going discussion with some friends about the future of blogging. They say, blogging is old news, no one reads blogs anymore blah blah, but if you look at the stats, there are over 40 million blogs in the US alone! Someone must be writing blogs that are worthwhile reading, and someone must be reading them. I think a lot depends on what you are writing about, how useful it is to other people, and promotion. You might be writing amazing content that no one ever sees. You might be writing decidedly average content that everyone sees because it’s better promoted. If you are running a business it helps to be in control of your content which you can do on your own blog, but not on social media. I often wish that social media didn’t exist lol

    As for wix, I think it’s awful (sorry) you could move the whole thing to wordpress and have a better site and a blog (my opinion) or if you still wanted to blog about your business, you could do it on a third party site like you are now and just add a link on your wix site. That way you would have new fresh content to support your business Elle x

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    1. I agree with you about blogs being very popular, I think they’re here to stay. As for my website (wix) I don’t think I can move it as I don’t have the know how to attempt it, and move my shop too, though I agree with you about that, too! Thanks for the interesting comment, you’ve made me think! I’ll be researching after I’ve worked today!


  2. This is super interesting. I’d love to see where the statistics come from and how that translates cross-culturally. I am really enjoying blogging and am so grateful Effy is running this blog-along cause I always WANT to blog but never do and this is helping me stay accountable and actually doing it.

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    1. It is super interesting I agree. The statistics came from a blog webinar I attended. I’m really enjoying the blog along too, it’s one of the best challenges I’ve taken part in, and I’m grateful to Effy too. I probably wouldn’t blog if it wasn’t for this challenge lol! 🙂

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  3. I felt like, for a long time, that blogging was dead. I think that’s mostly because I got hooked on IG and that made me lazy. I take all that back, because aside from this challenge I’ve also found myself googling artist blogs rather than YouTube videos for information. Blogging is still very much alive 💗

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  4. I’ve been blogging for years and I agree it’s really important and here to stay. I think that people just comment a lot less on blogs then they used to. It’s understandable given the abundance of other social media sites.

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  5. Those are interesting stats, higher than I thoiught actually. I love the blog alongs with Effy, The assortment of blogs right at our fingertips is so tantalising!

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  6. This is good news. I, too, thought blogging was – well not dead but that people didn’t have time or interest to read them. I think podcasts are very popular. Wonder if one could combine the two? Why not!
    I am thankful for Effy for this blog-a-thon because I know I would not be blogging as much without it. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing every day here. I need the motivation.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  7. You really have no idea what lives will be touched by what you blog about. When I was going through my divorce, I had a blog and a podcast. it was very uplifting to read comments from women who felt like I was sharing their story and could read/hear about my experience and eventually making it to the other side.

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  8. Blogging is my hometown. 🙂

    I am so glad for all of you who joined me in this round of Artfully Wild Blog Along. It is reminding me of everything I love about blogging.

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  9. I really needed to read this today. I’ve seen so many things saying that not many people read blogs anymore, that blogs aren’t that popular anymore, etc. But I actually like to blog. And I read them, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised lots of other people do, too. This makes me feel motivated to keep up with this after April (but not daily I think).

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  10. I am so new to blogging and I’m loving it. I have read blogs for a long time but never really stuck to them, just read when I came across. This month is teaching me to be different and I am enjoying it so much. But it takes a long time to read and comment in everything.
    I started on wordpress, then hubby bought my domain so now we are hosted on GoDaddy using WordPress.
    I can’t say I like. WIX any one on the blog-along cannot be commented on unless I open their page in the spaces Wix app. Similar issues with blogger and Weebly but they don’t have apps. It’s easy to see why everyone is on wordpress or hosted via it. There are some difficulties to get over when hosted though!

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    1. I have found wix to be a pain. This blogging challenge has made me seriously consider where my business website is hosted! It sounds like you’re all sorted, I’m just getting my head around it all so I’m trailing behind lol! It does take a long time to comment, but it’s very interesting to read all the different blogs – including yours 🙂 thanks for the comment x


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