Day 23 – Wolf picture progress:)

It’s been a funny old day. Old memories of a long since defunct anniversary, and a day of phone calls and garden visits (golly it was cold) .

I managed to do some more on my wolf for my friend. Hopefully you should be able to see a video showing the sparkle. I only have the bottom left to do. It’s been a really good project to do and certainly therapeutic.

I’m really enjoying this blog challenge. I’m going off to read others now 🙂

Wolf progress 🐺

5 thoughts on “Day 23 – Wolf picture progress:)”

  1. I bought a diamond print this week at the Range for daughter, she completed it over 2 nights, its was only a small one, and she LOVED it, I have asked her to create her first blog page about it,… shes 14, shes not gonna do it any time soon lol.
    BTW I love your background change!

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    1. Oh wow! I’m really glad she likes doing them, they’re very addictive! I’ve got another (different) wolf to do for someone else after this. I’m looking forward to seeing her blog post about it, I hope she puts a picture of her work up too 🙂 thanks re the background:)


      1. I’m going to encourage her today to give it a go, and yes she will include the picture because I will add it if she doesn’t ha ha Z

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