Day 24 – a 200 year old anniversary with local history & stuff!

I’ll start with the local history first:

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the fatal shooting of 24 year old Midshipman Sydenham Snow in Herne Bay by smugglers of the North Kent Gang.Snow was part of the Costal Blockade Service and it was their duty to prevent smuggling.

Snow was shot on the beach near to The Ship Inn and was taken there afterwards.Despite the efforts of a surgeon, Snow died a few days later.He was buried at St Martin’s Church in Herne with full military honours.His grave is still there in the churchyard just below the tower.However, the headstone inscription is not correct as it reads he died on 21st April when in fact it was the 27th.A number of men were tried for his murder but remarkably were found Not Guilty.

Here is a link to the song called “The Ballad of Sydenham Snow” which tells the tale.

We went shopping today…

So, we went to Morrison’s today to get some more soil. How much soil do we need? Still, I got some veggie crisps, so that was a result!

We went to get some food shopping yesterday, and the assistant practically threw our shopping at us. It’s not good for the customer, it’s bad for the items and not very good service. I don’t appreciate being completely rushed – and we were the only customers! I bit my tongue!

I’m nearly done with the wolf. I can’t make my mind up whether to do the Daisy (small kit) or another wolf (a different picture, for my friend).

I hope you’re having a great day!

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