Another 100 Day Project

Another 100 day project- in case you’re interested!


I start my mornings with blogging. I love logging on, reading comments, and browsing through posts from sites I follow. I also do a bit of “art blog” searching, and I’m always delighted to find new blogs to follow.

There is so much creativity in our online art community! I love seeing all the drawings and paintings, reading all the poetry and short stories, and learning about fabric arts, quilting, sculpture, photography, and so much more!

One thing I often discover through my morning browsing is another new “art challenge” taking place. One of the newer blogs I recently came across is called “My creations, art, and music” and there I found a post about an upcoming drawing challenge. It’s called “100 Days of Sketching” and you can read all about it here at the official website:

What Is 100 Days?

The site also points out a lot…

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