Day 30 – what I’ve learned from blogging 30 days straight

Well, we did it everybody! It was really a challenge to post every day, but I have really enjoyed it, I’ve made new friends and learned a lot. **Unfortunately I can’t get into Facebook to post the link for this post, hopefully I’ll be able to later. **

1 : I’ve learned that a wix blog is infuriating, in fact I started on that platform but moved here because it’s such a pain.

2: there’s always something to write about, if not, a picture says a thousand words

3: people read blogs! Blogs are not dead!

4: any subject is suitable for blogging.

5: I’ve made friends, they’ve even crossed over to Instagram!

5: WordPress is a learning curve, but I’m enjoying it

6: doing this has made me think about things I otherwise wouldn’t.

7: you can bet you’re not alone with your problems

8: the internet is nicer than I thought

9: everyone is an artist. The mediums are just different, that’s all.

10: 30 days can go really fast!

I’d like to thank everyone for commenting on my blog, and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with those of you that are carrying on with your blogs.

I’d like to thank EFFY WILD without whom I would never have got back into blogging. Thank you, you gave me a gift!


9 thoughts on “Day 30 – what I’ve learned from blogging 30 days straight”

  1. Yes–we crossed over into Instagram. Lovely to meet you in both places! ‘The internet is nicer than I thought.’ What a wonderful take away from this experience. I forgot to personally thank Effy in my blog today but she is also the reason I have a blog. I started it in a hurry and a flurry a couple of years ago to hop onto the last Blog Along. I’ll contin ue to see you in all the places as Effy herself would say! Much love. ❤

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  2. It’s been a wonderful month, and yay I’m so glad we’ve crossed into FB and IG too. I look forward to lots more chatting with you. It’s been lovely to do this with everyone.b

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