May Day

Often people welcome in the May. On the first of May at dawn, people stand to greet the sunrise.

They also dance around the Maypole (I did this as a child, and also I Wassailed). This was originally a fertility rite apparently, I have to say I don’t know much about it apart from that, and of course the dance created a beautiful pattern with the ribbons. I remember we had to reverse our steps to “unwind” the ribbon.

May celebration.

When I saw in the May in a few years ago, it was with the Blackhorse Morris, at Whitstable Beach. Jack o’ the Green was seen too along with the Mayor and partner ! Sadly I can’t find any pictures of the event, but it was great to see the sunrise at 5 am!

May you have a great month!

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Day 30 – what I’ve learned from blogging 30 days straight

Well, we did it everybody! It was really a challenge to post every day, but I have really enjoyed it, I’ve made new friends and learned a lot. **Unfortunately I can’t get into Facebook to post the link for this post, hopefully I’ll be able to later. **

1 : I’ve learned that a wix blog is infuriating, in fact I started on that platform but moved here because it’s such a pain.

2: there’s always something to write about, if not, a picture says a thousand words

3: people read blogs! Blogs are not dead!

4: any subject is suitable for blogging.

5: I’ve made friends, they’ve even crossed over to Instagram!

5: WordPress is a learning curve, but I’m enjoying it

6: doing this has made me think about things I otherwise wouldn’t.

7: you can bet you’re not alone with your problems

8: the internet is nicer than I thought

9: everyone is an artist. The mediums are just different, that’s all.

10: 30 days can go really fast!

I’d like to thank everyone for commenting on my blog, and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with those of you that are carrying on with your blogs.

I’d like to thank EFFY WILD without whom I would never have got back into blogging. Thank you, you gave me a gift!


Day 29 – Untitled (only because I can’t think of a name!

Well, today the hubby has hurt his back, so it’s very quiet here today (not that he is loud, but you know what I mean :))

It’s nearly the last day of blogging with Effy challenge. I have decided on a new challenge. Donna does a page in her journal every day. I think I’ll try it for 30 days and see how I get on 🙂

I’ve done a tiny bit of Diamond Painting:

After the last one, this is so much easier, simpler and way better quality.

This kit came from . I’ve already got my eyes on another kit from them.

The multicoloured item you see in the picture is a cover minder, a magnet to hold the plastic off the picture while I add the “diamonds” this also came from the same place – I’m not sponsored lol!

Day 28 – When getting dressed up to meet a friend …

Means this:


We put on our woollies, coats and hats to sit in a marquee and see a friend, socially distanced.

Oh blimey it was cold, but yes we are observing the rules. It seems very strange not to meet indoors, and it wasn’t the same, but at least we have seen each other for the first time in a while.

I had to come in, I was just too cold!

2 more days left of blogging with Effy. It’s gone fast!

Day 27 – there is a dream…..

A song I’ve been singing for years formed part of my meditation this morning, and I felt called to share it. It’s called “There is a dream” by Denean

I used this when I ran workshops. Hearing others sing this was a great feeling! It has such great memories and is such a lovely song. I hope you enjoy it, and that the words resonate.

Album the song comes from

Day 26 – A bus trip!

Well, we braved the bus today. We were both feeling nervous (we being my husband and I) but we thought if we didn’t go out, we wouldn’t.

We went to Canterbury as it’s near to us. It has all the usual shops and things, but obviously no coffee shops etc were open. It was very cold, and we missed sitting somewhere nice. Roll on the 21st June !

I failed to get slippers, but I did get a reflexology set, and a set of cards. I bought a deck for my friend Sasha and dropped them off outside her door. I really miss seeing her, we normally laugh until we cry when we meet up!

Here’s a picture of the doors of the Cathedral grounds :

And here’s what I bought:

Since Canterbury is so old, there’s lots of history there:

This hotel was made famous by Charles Dickens

Things have changed and here’s proof 😀

I hope you’re having a good day everyone!

Another 100 Day Project

Another 100 day project- in case you’re interested!


I start my mornings with blogging. I love logging on, reading comments, and browsing through posts from sites I follow. I also do a bit of “art blog” searching, and I’m always delighted to find new blogs to follow.

There is so much creativity in our online art community! I love seeing all the drawings and paintings, reading all the poetry and short stories, and learning about fabric arts, quilting, sculpture, photography, and so much more!

One thing I often discover through my morning browsing is another new “art challenge” taking place. One of the newer blogs I recently came across is called “My creations, art, and music” and there I found a post about an upcoming drawing challenge. It’s called “100 Days of Sketching” and you can read all about it here at the official website:

What Is 100 Days?

The site also points out a lot…

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Day 25 – The Wolf Diamond Painting is completed!

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for the encouragement! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this, all 7200 diamonds of it! It took me about 30 hours in total, and I dropped approximately 30 beads in the process.

I don’t like the wolf’s nose, it’s not obvious enough so I’m actually going to replace the beads before I seal the picture, if I can 🙂

Here you go!

From above
Side view – to catch the light

I hope you like him, and I hope my friend does too ! 🙂

Day 24 – a 200 year old anniversary with local history & stuff!

I’ll start with the local history first:

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the fatal shooting of 24 year old Midshipman Sydenham Snow in Herne Bay by smugglers of the North Kent Gang.Snow was part of the Costal Blockade Service and it was their duty to prevent smuggling.

Snow was shot on the beach near to The Ship Inn and was taken there afterwards.Despite the efforts of a surgeon, Snow died a few days later.He was buried at St Martin’s Church in Herne with full military honours.His grave is still there in the churchyard just below the tower.However, the headstone inscription is not correct as it reads he died on 21st April when in fact it was the 27th.A number of men were tried for his murder but remarkably were found Not Guilty.

Here is a link to the song called “The Ballad of Sydenham Snow” which tells the tale.

We went shopping today…

So, we went to Morrison’s today to get some more soil. How much soil do we need? Still, I got some veggie crisps, so that was a result!

We went to get some food shopping yesterday, and the assistant practically threw our shopping at us. It’s not good for the customer, it’s bad for the items and not very good service. I don’t appreciate being completely rushed – and we were the only customers! I bit my tongue!

I’m nearly done with the wolf. I can’t make my mind up whether to do the Daisy (small kit) or another wolf (a different picture, for my friend).

I hope you’re having a great day!

Day 23 – Wolf picture progress:)

It’s been a funny old day. Old memories of a long since defunct anniversary, and a day of phone calls and garden visits (golly it was cold) .

I managed to do some more on my wolf for my friend. Hopefully you should be able to see a video showing the sparkle. I only have the bottom left to do. It’s been a really good project to do and certainly therapeutic.

I’m really enjoying this blog challenge. I’m going off to read others now 🙂

Wolf progress 🐺