Day 25 – The Wolf Diamond Painting is completed!

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for the encouragement! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing this, all 7200 diamonds of it! It took me about 30 hours in total, and I dropped approximately 30 beads in the process.

I don’t like the wolf’s nose, it’s not obvious enough so I’m actually going to replace the beads before I seal the picture, if I can 🙂

Here you go!

From above
Side view – to catch the light

I hope you like him, and I hope my friend does too ! 🙂

Day 9 Back to the workshop 🎨

Really, my workshop is more like a glorified shed. Part storeroom and part art room it serves well. Except that in summer, I fry, in winter I freeze!

However, I’ve been doing my painting and whatever else in the house, sitting at the table I also use for work. I decided that it was warm enough to go back to the shed, gain a bit of peace and clean up a bit.

Below is the desk I salvaged from all the stuff piled on top of it. I have MUCH more to do, but that can wait until tomorrow! I’m really looking forward to getting back up there and putting some music on and chilling out:)

The desk. Fingerless gloves for cold days to come:)

Day 8: Art journaling

Sometimes art journaling has to be done with a degree of secrecy. This is because you probably don’t want everyone to read all your words. When I was 14 my mum read my diary, not that it was scintillating reading or anything, but I wasn’t impressed and to this day my journaling is sort of hidden as in this picture.

I wrote and painted over what I had written, though probably it’s still legible, and in this instance I don’t mind because it’s positive and true.

How do you do the words in your journal? Do you do what I do? Do you do everything in pictures? I’m interested to know 🙂

Layers of life 🙂

Art :)

I do art. I suppose that’s obvious as that’s part of the name of this blog. So, today (being as I have blog blockage!) I thought I’d show you some of my art….

This is an art journal page. I wrote one layer of writing over the other, then painted with watercolour. It’s a very cathartic thing!

Art journal spread

Sacred Doll in Paperclay

Art Doll from a workshop by I have yet to paint her.

I hope you like my artwork. There’s more to come!

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