A trip down memory lane via a book

Today, I watched a video on YouTube by Kari Gibson, and she’s altering the book “Heidi” by Johanna Spyri, and it’s being posted to her friends so they can do a page or two, too. I love this idea, and I’d love to do it myself (just not with this book).

Now, I couldn’t alter that book, as it has such deep and comforting memories for me. My mum had these books from her childhood and let me read them. I read this when I was young. I was taken away to the mountains, to clean air, goats and yodelling (to this day, I love to hear yodelling!) and it took me out of the life I was in.

When I read this book, I was in another world. A world of life, energy and nature. A different life from the one I was in. It made me happy.

Years later, I found the set of books in a charity shop, and bought them, remembering all the joy I experienced when reading this as a child. Oddly, it didn’t have the same effect as it did back then. Though the story is still charming, the characters familiar, yet the joy was missing. Maybe Because I no longer wish to actually be in the mountains? Perhaps I no longer need that escape?

I still treasure the feelings that I got from that book though, and the warmth it gave me when I needed it. however, curiously, I have been left with a love of art because I was so taken with the illustrations.