Another finished diamond painting !

So, here it is! I’ve yet to frame him, but he is finished. I did him in about two weeks, and this was an absolute pleasure! I got him from . I’m hoping to give this to my friend today 🙂

I have 3 more to do, a little snack size one, and a tiny square one (that may or may not be any good, we shall see! ) and one that I got from the same company as the wolf (of sparrows in a tree) and one that hasn’t arrived yet!

Have a great day! If you diamond paint and have a blog, do put your blog in the comments, thanks!

Framed wolf diamond painting

The latest Diamond Painting

I’ve started another painting. This is another wolf for another friend. I’m much happier with this kit, the colours are better, it’s more detailed and it was cheaper! I got it from Lansuer on

Here’s the progress so far:


I think you’ll agree that this kit is way better than the other wolf I did. I’m really pleased with this, it’s very addictive and therapeutic, I highly recommend it. I wish I had discovered this in the beginning of lockdown, but never mind:)

Have you done a diamond painting?