Day 17 – This and That :)

Today is the first day since 23rd March 2020 that I’ll have been apart from my husband for longer than 2 hours, as he is helping out (socially distanced and safe) at a venue.

I’m excited but strangely nervous. I’ve not been on my own for an extended period of time for over a year. I have jobs to do, and I’m weirdly excited to do them !

I’m also going to do more diamond painting. I’m quite a way through the wolf.

Ethereal wolf so far….

I have even managed to find an app to keep track of all the bead drills and kits so I’ll be adding all the colours to the inventory today:)

I’m hoping it will be warmer than recently, as my husband is working outside. If it is, I’ll be drinking tea in the garden 🙂

I’m also planning to watch Prince Phillip’s Funeral. I do feel sorry for the Queen, she’s been married to him for so long, it must be terrible for her.

I’m also hoping to read a bit more of Big Magic. I was going to buy the audiobook, but it was £27:00 and there’s no way I can afford that!

What are your plans today?

My husband Reg a few years ago in Corfu.

Day 12: Wear what you have 👚

How many of us keep things for “best”?

I know I tend to keep things for best – apart from evening dresses that are special anyway.

Why do I ask? I have a Zoom meeting on Wednesday and I’ve promised myself I’ll wear something I’ve never worn. So, it’s either my cord palazzo pants, or my cord pinafore dress 🙂 I can’t make my mind up. However you can guarantee I’ll look different to my usual self 🙂

Have you got any clothes you save for “best”?

7 days of blogging

So, how do I feel after blogging for 7 days straight on the blog along with ?

I actually can’t believe I’ve managed every day so far! I’m very glad I started this and it’s very fulfilling.

  • I’m enjoying the challenge
  • It’s fun
  • I have found blogs I otherwise wouldn’t have seen
  • It’s taken my mind off my worries and given me something else to concentrate on
  • It’s very relaxing to read other blogs – something I used to do a lot, but then I got out of the habit of both blogging and reading, I’m glad that’s changed now.

Do you ever…

Get a day when you just cannot settle? I’ve had one of those days today! I just cannot get stuck into anything, and then thinking what to blog about! hahaha! you have to be kidding! Sometimes, you have to admit you cannot think of something to write.

I think the thing is , I have been reading some amazing blogs and I am comparing myself to them. Yes comparison is the thief of joy, this I know but still!!!

Some have taken me right back to the start of my spiritual journey, others have connected me to the a part of myself that I keep pretty much hidden. All are great blogs, and its just a joy to read them, whatever they make me feel.

So, are blogs here to make you “feel” ? well, I think so, I think anything that elicits an emotional response is a good thing – like art, or music.

But back to my Blog Block… Perhaps we expect too much of ourselves? Do you find it difficult? I am interested to know 🙂

Today’s picture- I drew her a little while ago.