Bank Holiday Sunday 🌴

Since the start of lockdown I’ve not really noticed a Bank Holiday, because all the days felt like Sundays.

In fact, I had to put in some boundaries so that I didn’t land up working weekends.

So, back to bank holidays : until today I haven’t noticed them, but today we went out! I actually had a MacDonalds Breakfast Muffin! It happens twice a year and today was the first one. We took our meal and sat by the sea in our car.

I can see why people are healed by being near the sea. Personally, I find being near trees and grass is better but we live by the sea 🙂

So, cue some pictures and a feeling of relaxing, something I am truly not used to these days!

A handy picnic table
The sea view
The town in the distance.

Do you find sea or greenery more relaxing?