What’s a flower frog?

Flower Frog

So, I’ve wanted one of these since I saw This Video by Ali Brown.

These apparently were once used by florists, known as frogs, because they spent much of their time in water, however they’re now highly collectible and cone in a myriad of different shapes and sizes, along with different themes.

They’ve since been replaced by something called Oasis, that you wet and pop your flower arrangement in:

Pic by florabundance.com

I wanted one for my Diamond Painting Pens. I am really irritated by them rolling off my desk, so now they won’t, plus I have an item I find aesthetically pleasing.

Mine came from a charity shop and cost £4:00.

With pens in.

So, do you have one of these? Do you collect them? Or use them?

Well, I’ve moved blogs!

So, the Wix work blog isn’t very helpful. No one can leave comments which doesn’t really assist either the readers or myself! So, I’m here.

it’s a bit irritating to move but at least there’s other blogging platforms and I forgot I had started this blog so it’s helpful right now. Mind you, I find this harder to work but maybe I’ll get the hang of it! I hope so!

I would really like to put up (edited, I think I’ve done it?)

still, this is a work in progress like I am!