Day 21- Did you know? …..

That 77% of people of internet users read blogs?

Or that 55% of people learn via blogs?

Well, they do! So this shows how important blogging can be. Probably for a company, it’s a useful tool (no I don’t really blog on my business site, I find Wix blog unhelpful) but this shows how powerful it can be.

The pen is mightier than the sword it says, and these statistics prove there may be truth in that.

So for us blog along people, weather in business or blogging for pleasure (which I’m doing and finding it really fun) we shouldn’t underestimate what we are doing.

**statitics from Optinmonster


Day 15 -Why did you start blogging?

This question comes from yesterday’s prompt list.

I started blogging because it is a challenge. I chose to join Effy Wild‘s blog along because it would kick start me and came at the perfect time. I actually didnt know if I could blog every day, it seems im doing ok at the moment!! (im not counting my chickens just yet).

I am blogging because I enjoy it, and right now, I am enjoying reading all the other blogs (as many as I have time to read – there’s over 300 of us) too, and it creates a mini-tribe of people. This tribe is made up of healers, teachers and tarot people, and artists. I love this eclectic mix of people and their blogs.

Why did you start blogging?

7 days of blogging

So, how do I feel after blogging for 7 days straight on the blog along with ?

I actually can’t believe I’ve managed every day so far! I’m very glad I started this and it’s very fulfilling.

  • I’m enjoying the challenge
  • It’s fun
  • I have found blogs I otherwise wouldn’t have seen
  • It’s taken my mind off my worries and given me something else to concentrate on
  • It’s very relaxing to read other blogs – something I used to do a lot, but then I got out of the habit of both blogging and reading, I’m glad that’s changed now.